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Frequently Asked Questions



This service is FREE to my real estate clients. Occupied Home Staging is where I'll use your existing furnishings/décor to it's fullest potential. This usually involves removing clutter, rearranging furniture to maximize flow, and I may even add in a few accessories from my own collection to help spruce up your home. 


FULL HOME STAGING (furnishing a vacant house):

Contact me at 217-855-1717 or for a free, no obligation quote. All my staging clients to date have received more than 100% return on investment for my staging services.

Are your services available if I am already working with another Realtor? 

My rental services (FULL HOME STAGING) are only available to my own real estate clients at this time. If you only need staging consultation (OCCUPIED HOME STAGING), then I am happy to offer that service for clients of other Realtors. 

OCCUPIED HOME STAGING FEE (does not include travel charges outside of Macon County,IL)

$150 - 1000-2000sqft home - max 1 hour consult (additional $250 for written report)

$200 - 2000-3000sqft home - max 2 hour consult (additional $300 for written report)

$250 - 3000-5000sqft home - max 2.5 hour consult (additional $350 for written report)

$300 - 5000sqft+ home - max of 3 hours consult (additional $350 for written report) 

Consultation is "walk & talk" style where I give as much staging advice possible within the timeframe. Advice includes suggestions on items to remove or add, rearranging existing furniture if needed, and suggestions for minor cosmetic changes that would help in marketing the home for sale (painting, light fixtures, etc.) This service plus the written report is complimentary to my real estate clients. 

Is Your business licensed and insured? 

Yes and Yes!

BUSINESS: My staging company is operated under my Real Estate LLC. 

INSURANCE: I have excellent insurance through the Hanover Group which is designed specifically for home stagers. This protects both me and my clients for total peace of mind. Whether there is a natural disaster, injury, or damage to your home as a result of staging, its covered. I use a professional moving team that is also separately licensed and insured. 


Although my staging contract outlines more specific requirements, the 3 main requirements are listed below:

1. The home has to be in "move-in ready" condition

Home staging cannot be used to misrepresent the condition of a property. The home also needs to have neutral colors throughout to maximize the effectiveness of home staging. Not sure if your home would qualify? I offer FREE, no obligation assessments. If your home needs repainted, I'll help you select the perfect paint color(s) for your home. 

2. The home cannot be Occupied

The home must be vacant and completely empty before home staging services can be provided. If you plan to occupy the home while it's on the market, I offer occupied staging where I can help your home look it's best using your furniture and accessories. 

3. The home must be within my targeted Real Estate market

This includes all of Macon County, IL and approximately a 20min radius of Mt. Zion, IL.  If you're unsure if your home would qualify, please don't hesitate to call or text me at 217-855-1717. 

Do you offer Interior Design Consulting? 

Yes! I charge $100 an hour for homes in Macon County, IL. 


My specialties include:


  • reviewing construction documents for new homes/renovations

  • Kitchens, Baths, and additions. 

  • Space planning

  • Color consulting (paint choices interior & exterior)

  • Reviewing finish selections or furniture selections before purchasing 


1. Selecting furniture and accessories is typically not something I do unless you have a $35,000+ budget. At that point, I'd charge 15% design fee instead of an hourly rate. If that's outside your budget, I recommend Ethan Allan furniture store in Peoria. They have in-house designers who will do "house calls" free of charge to Decatur area if you intend to buy a few furniture pieces. 

2. I need to understand your style before I can provide design advice. Home should feel like the homeowner(s) and that is something I am very passionate about. I feel comfortable working with nearly every design aesthetic from mid-century modern to rustic lodges.  And in order for me to understand your style, I need to see visual references of rooms or details you're drawn to. The reason is because verbally stating a design style might mean something different to me than you. For example, "Modern Farmhouse" has many different interpretations. Before contacting me, start collecting inspiration for what you want your home/room to look and feel like. Pinterest and design magazines are a great tool for this.

3. Know your budget upfront. Most people don't understand the costs to properly furnish and accessorize a room or the cost to renovate.  I can advise whether it's a realistic budget based on what you're trying to accomplish and help you allocate funds.

4. If you're building, get me involved ASAP. It's easier to make changes on paper before construction begins. I can't tell you how many times blueprints have awkward window sizes, incorrect interior door swings, not enough kitchen lighting, light switches in inconvenient places, weird cabinet designs, awkward floor transition locations, etc. If you're going to spend the money to build a custom home, hire a designer. Most people can't look at a 2D drawing and anticipate the 3D problems that may arise. I have a BFA in Interior Design and have helped design over 100 new construction homes and redlined countless construction documents. Hiring a designer to review your construction documents can save you thousands of dollars in change orders later on in the construction process and give you the peace of mind that all the finishes selected will work cohesively in the finished home. 

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